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Blue Sky Thinking

Blue Sky Thinking

Nature offers infinite inspiration. Today is National Look Up at the Sky Day and we are taking it as a sign to get outside and enjoy the vastness of the outdoors. Here are some thoughts on looking up.

Hike to a Vista Point
Get your blood pumping while also getting a fresh point of view. Get there in time to enjoy the sunset if you can!

Join an astronomy club
Nothing nerdy about understanding the cosmos. Most clubs will hold “star parties” to stargaze in honor of Look Up at the Sky Day.

Go birdwatching
There are over 10,000 species of birds. See how many you can spot!

Slow down
Put down your device, take a breath, and simply look up at the sky. It will calm and clear your mind, promise. Bonus points if you're able to lie in the grass for a few moments while you take it all in. 

Clouds, auroras, stars, and birds all remind us that we are part of a vast, mysterious universe. Look up, and remember that you are a small but necessary part of those mysteries, it is the sky that connects us all.


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