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Do You Have an Allergy to Natural Deodorant?

Do You Have an Allergy to Natural Deodorant?

Why Use Natural Deodorant?
There are many reasons to make the switch from conventional to natural deodorant. For one thing, you have approximately 20 lymph nodes in your underarm area, all of which are working hard to filter harmful substances from your body. Putting antiperspirants and deodorants containing aluminum, parabens, and synthetic fragrance near your lymphatic system weighs those hard-working nodes down and makes them much less efficient at keeping you healthy and toxin-free.

Non-toxic deodorants, such as those made with Activated Charcoal, Magnesium, and Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), are a healthy, game-changing alternative to conventional antiperspirants and deodorants. Yet, a small percentage of people must choose their natural alternative wisely, and some might have a temporary reaction when they first make the switch.

Sodium Bicarbonate Allergy
Most people react well to Sodium Bicarbonate. This benevolent wonder-substance, also known as baking soda, is commonly used to whiten teeth, resolve heartburn, relieve sunburns, neutralize odors, and much more. It is reported, however, that between 5 – 10% of people experience the appearance of an allergic reaction to Sodium Bicarbonate, particularly when applied to their underarms in the form of natural deodorant.

Here’s why: baking soda has a high pH, meaning it is alkaline. If your underarms are acidic, that means you have a lower pH. Think back to your grade school science class when the teacher made a Paper Mache volcano erupt by mixing baking soda and vinegar (which is also acidic) together. The combination of high and low pH causes a reaction, which, unfortunately, can result in redness, irritation, burning, and swelling.

Why do some people have a more acidic pH than others? Your pH is affected by many factors, among them: diet, age, hormones, medications, and gender. Obviously some of these factors are within your control, and most of them are not. Diet is one of the main ways we can raise our pH, and here are some of the health benefits of doing so. 

But you don’t have to change your diet in order to use aluminum-free deodorant! Alpine Provisions has you covered with several formulations that are natural and Sodium Bicarbonate-free. As well, there is another reason why you might have an initial adverse reaction when making the switch to natural deodorant that has nothing to do with your pH: you might be  experiencing a detoxification from your old deodorant!

Aluminum-Free Deodorant Detox 
If you’ve been using deodorants and antiperspirants made with aluminum, you might experience detox symptoms for a few weeks after you switch to a natural alternative. The deodorant detox process is different for everyone. Common symptoms might include a temporary increase in odor and sweat and a rash. These symptoms are temporary, and you can expect them to disappear within a couple of weeks. 

The Bottom Line
Stick with it! Your skin is always giving you useful information about your entire physical structure. A detox reaction means your body is releasing things that aren’t good for it, so you can experience greater overall health. And if you find your natural deodorant is giving you an uncomfortable reaction that won’t go away, switch to our Cedar + Sandalwood, Lavender + Juniper, or Vetiver + Sage Magnesium Deodorants, which are all Sodium Bicarbonate-free.

P.S. We have eight natural Deodorant options. One (or more) of them will definitely fit your needs and all of them are made with natural, organic ingredients, are vegan, gluten-free, aluminum-free, and cruelty-free.


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