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Every Day is Take a Walk Outdoors Day

Every Day is Take a Walk Outdoors Day
Yes, there is a day dedicated to taking a walk outside, about which we are totally psyched. The power of a walk in the woods has been written about in poems, sung about, made into movies, and turned into forest bathing, exercise, hiking, and even pilgrimages. Whatever your reason for getting out there - we applaud you.

Walking in the great outdoors is a time honored tradition - for good reasons. It clears the mind, boosts your energy, and frames your thoughts in more positive ways. A little sun, especially if it is winter where you are, can bring needed Vitamin D, battle the winter blues, and warm you up. Even a few minutes a day of exercise is good for your heart and your brain and lowers the risk of all sorts of things you don’t want to happen.

After all that, why wouldn’t you? Well cold, ice, wind, snow, and rain come to mind. But also inertia, exhaustion, and busyness. Today is the day that we don’t let any of that get in our way and we take a trip outside, no matter how short. We can take some heart from a friend of mine who is on day 318 of getting outside every single day and running, jogging, or based on how she feels, sometimes walking.

When it comes to walking, here are some giants out there - and one of them is Polly Letofsky. Polly walked 14,000 miles around the globe. She set off from her house in Vail, Colorado walking west, and didn’t stop till she’d made it five years and covered four continents. Now, we are not suggesting that today is the day to head out of your house and cover the globe at three miles per hour, but if Polly could do that, you can get out there and soak up some nature today.

You don’t need to be a 318 day-in-a-row runner or someone who walked around the world to get out there, it’s just good to know what we as humans are capable of doing. You can make today an outside day and see what happens. It could be the start of something beautiful.


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