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Green Up Your Holiday Shopping

Green Up Your Holiday Shopping
It’s Green Monday, folks. I am sure you did not know this was a thing, and yet you’ve probably been living it for years. It’s called Green Monday because the second Monday of December tends to be the busiest sales day of the month, due to looming holiday shopping deadlines. It’s also usually a day when people spend their money online.

Today is the day to use your holiday shopping for good. Put that Green Monday energy into the real green, which is our planet, our wilderness, and our future. You can do that by searching out the perfect gifts for everyone on your list at Alpine Provisions. You have the bliss of knowing you took care of everyone with your values intact, even promoted.

Everything we create is sourced with respect for people, planet, and purity. Our commitment is threefold: make products that elevate your daily self-care rituals to a daily nature plunge; establish for our industry a #LifeAfterPlastic, and give future generations an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the untamed wilderness.

Our products are loaded with nutrient-dense, skin-loving, ingredients, and are scented with sustainably-sourced, essential oil blends inspired by some of our favorite places in the natural world. Even better, we've taken our packaging plastic-free, so it is either 100% recyclable or compostable + renewable.

Giving lifts our spirits and makes the people we love so happy. Our founder, Joshua Onysko weighs in on his go to gifts this season. You can cover everyone on your list with time left over for getting out into the winter beauty and breathing some fresh air.

One percent of all our sales benefit a scholarship fund we have created in partnership with the Colorado Outward Bound School that provides young adults with outdoor leadership programs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Utah, Alaska, and Wyoming.

We believe the world becomes a better place the moment we choose to make it so. Why not use Green Monday, the behemoth of shopping as a really GREEN Monday and green up your list, your folks, and your wallet.


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