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Haircare Is Self-Care

Haircare Is Self-Care
Everyone I know wishes their hair were somehow different - a little different or really really different. If it’s short we want it longer. If it’s curly we want it straight. If it’s long we want it shorter, a different color, or we decide to shave it all off and be done with it. And yet, the hair we have is the hair we have. This may not be news, but if it is, don’t worry, it’s good news. Your hair is awesome and is a huge part of who you are. I have spent my life telling folks who need to know how to recognize me, “I’m the one with the really out of control curly hair.” And you know, I have never had anyone need more info than that. Your hair is you, and it’s a good part of who you are. So let’s celebrate it wholeheartedly and treat our hair to the care we deserve.

What does our hair and scalp deserve? Well, it deserves clean formulas, with packaging that is #plasticfree, and your hair wants you to know that it feels it deserves to care for the planet and the other living beings on it without making big compromises. Your hair knows things. It’s been around on your head for a good while. So it deserves to be part of your self-care.

Clean formulas are really important to your hair. As someone with curly hair I have spent countless hours watching YouTube videos and reading articles to try and figure out what my hair needs and in the end, I discovered it needs what all hair needs:

- Natural surfactants
- Moisturizers
- Lather that is good for hair and the environment
- Nourishment
- Good smells that are naturally-derived

With a lot of haircare you get synthetically-derived detergents - and let me give you a hint: when you want to make felt out of wool you use those exact detergents plus heat and agitation. So if you want your hair to be healthy and not whatever version of felt you’d end up with, look for shampoos and conditioners that meet that list.

Alpine Provisions shampoos and conditioners offer rich, hydrating lather and weightless performance. Both are perfect for daily use and color-safe performance for most hair types. Our signature essential oil aromatherapy blend is a signal to your whole being to remember its wild and true nature, and our all-star line-up of nurturing, plant-based ingredients have been sourced with respect for people, planet, and purity.

You can care for your hair in four different scents:
Cedar + Sandalwood
Fir + Sage
Rosemary + Mint
Vetiver + Sage

So when you plan your self-care, please make haircare part of what you do. Let your hair know you care, and at the same time you may find you are much less likely to want your hair to change when you care for it well, which is a win for everyone.


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