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Is Your Animal Guide A Fox?

Is Your Animal Guide A Fox?

Do you feel more drawn to one Alpine Provisions bottle over another? Maybe it’s the call of your animal guide.

When we established Alpine Provisions, we wanted to create products that are holistically meaningful for body, mind, and spirit. Awhile back we published a profile on Marisa Aragón Ware, the amazing creatrix responsible for the artwork on our bottles— and (if we say so ourselves) she nailed it. When interviewed about the animals she chose for our bottles she said, “The fox is kind of a portrait of my dog, Echo. And I love the gentleness and innocence of deer. Also, stags represent protection. And who doesn’t love owls? They are so magical. I can hear one hooting in my backyard in the middle of the night.” 

Many cultures, ranging from First Nations to Northern European, to Ancient Egyptian and more, have had relationships with animal guides or animal helpers. While each tradition is different in its interpretation and application, the idea of an animal guide is that it appears in our lives to serve as teacher or messenger.

Animal guides often choose the recipient, rather than the other way around, and they offer their wisdom, protection, guidance, and power. If you repeatedly dream about an animal or encounter one often (particularly during crucial moments in your life), perhaps it is your animal helper. Animal guides may represent archetypal qualities you possess and help you harness them to fulfill your life’s goals and purpose. They can also be animals you have felt connected to since childhood or feel drawn to without a logical explanation.

Even if none of the above applies to you, it’s perfectly acceptable to call upon the essence of an animal helper during times in your life when you require extra support. In fact, establishing relationships with the animal world in this way can help us feel more connected to nature and its rhythms. 

Fox Animal Guide Meaning
Belonging to the family Canidae, foxes are cousins to coyotes, wolves, and other wild dogs. Unlike their pack-oriented relatives, however, the fox seeks solitude, avoiding people and other animals. Foxes have amazing hearing and are mostly nocturnal, but in recent years they have become more crepuscular (meaning they are active during the twilight hours). The fox is able to survive in very harsh conditions, such as the arctic tundra and the deserts of Africa.

Facing obstacles? Navigating tricky circumstances? Dealing with a complicated relationship? Call on the fox. Foxes teach us that every problem has a solution. The cunning, quick, intelligent nature of the fox helps us slip into life’s flow rather than being stuck in an eddy. Fox teaches us how to turn a challenge into an advantage and to exercise discernment when it comes to business and partnership.

Your Animal Guides Can Change
Throughout your life you may have different animal guides, depending on your needs at the time.  Each culture and spiritual tradition that resonates with the concept of animal helpers has

image credit: Alexas_Fotos


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