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Just say “No” to Single-Use Plastics

Just say “No” to Single-Use Plastics
The fact is that there is enough plastic waste just from toothpaste tubes used in a year to circle the globe twice. That’s about 300 million tubes just in the UK alone, according to one study. If that amount of waste, and the fact that it takes 500 years for a toothpaste tube to biodegrade, makes you worry, there is a solution. Simply don’t buy toothpaste in plastic tubes. The amount of waste saved makes an enormous impact on the planet. With Alpine Provisions Whitening Mint Toothpaste Tabs, you get infinitely recyclable and renewable glass jars with aluminum lids. So none of that ends up in landfill. Plus, they taste amazing, and you don’t have to count them towards liquids in your luggage. You can pocket a few and brush your teeth anywhere.

The next step is our showers. We can go recyclable and #plasticfree in the bath too. Using Alpine Provisions Castile Body Wash means you are not tossing plastic body wash bottles in landfill, too. And those count for 1.4 billion bottles of waste per year just for body wash. So cutting out the body wash from landfill makes a lot of space, too. Our Castile Body Wash is made of a rich combination of organic Olive and Coconut oils. This plant-based, super concentrated, highly effective, yet gentle cleanser is scented with proprietary, sustainably-sourced essential oil blends.

The deodorant industry produces over 15 million pounds of plastic waste each year. And you guessed it, that’s entirely not necessary either. With Alpine Provisions Deodorant, you get recyclable paperboard tubes, along with no aluminum, no synthetic fragrance, and no alcohol. So you are doing good by the planet and by your body. We offer three choices: Charcoal, Magnesium, and a Sodium Bicarbonate deodorant for especially sensitive skin. Activated Charcoal helps absorb moisture and works to detoxify pores - to help you stay odor-free longer. Magnesium neutralizes odor-causing bacteria. Sodium Bicarbonate is suitable for sensitive skin and yet effectively helps reduce odor-causing underarm bacteria.

While the numbers are staggering, the solution to plastic waste is so simple and pleasurable that it makes no sense to use anything packaged in plastic. With Alpine Provisions, you are using the best ingredients and putting nothing in a landfill. It’s that simple. Explore the options, pick the products tailored to your taste, and put exactly zero bottles and tubes in the landfill this year. You can say “NO!” to single use plastics and say “Yes!” to happy skin, teeth, hair, and body without compromise and with joy.


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