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Letters from Our Scholarship Recipients

Letters from Our Scholarship Recipients

We believe that one of the most profound gifts we can give our youth is time spent in the outdoors. Many kids have no access to vast, raw wilderness and the life-shaping perspective that comes from experiencing it firsthand. We believe that when young people get to know and appreciate the beauty of nature, it shapes them to become conscious leaders within their own communities. 

For this reason, we have partnered with the Colorado Outward Bound School to provide young adults with scholarships for outdoor leadership programs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Utah, Alaska, and Wyoming. 1% of all our sales go into this scholarship fund.

In their own words, here is an account of the adventures some of our recent scholarship recipients experienced: 

“…I got to make new relationships with fellow classmates and instructors. I also got to experience totally new things like rock climbing, which I literally fell in love with, and backpacking. This was all so new to me, and I’ve literally never done something like this before in my life. I feel like I grew emotionally, mentally, and physically… I think I’ll never forget this course. I’ve learned so much about being a leader and trusting myself, but also following others and teamwork… I would have never realized that everyone has a different back story and is challenged by different things.” – Joel, age 14

“…this challenge has given me newfound confidence, and for that I am grateful… I realized throughout the trip how much planning… it must’ve taken to make this possible. This was more than a backpacking trip, it was a once in a lifetime experience hiking, backpacking, camping and being together in a supportive group, all while having fun.” – Elion

“Thanks to your support I have been able to discover more than just nature and how to maintain it. I have learned about myself and the emotional part of me that never gets to speak in day-to-day life.” – Ismael, age 17

Our future truly depends on the future generations’ ability to understand the world around them. To learn more about applying for our COBS scholarship, please visit here.


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