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Public Gardens and Private Havens

Public Gardens and Private Havens
It’s national public gardens week, which means we are recognizing the importance of having nature in our shared environment. You don’t have to live in the woods to appreciate nature, though there are days when living in a hut in the woods and gathering herbs to make potions I sell sounds like the perfect life. Oddly, it’s not far off from what we do at Alpine Provisions. Just a little more like a fantasy novel than a purpose driven business.

If you have ever lived somewhere with a lot of concrete, and yearned for that feeling we get being in nature, then you know how important public nature can be. I have wandered through the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, soaking up the cactus energy on a work trip. Those towering Sugaros gave me so much strength to go back to the world. I have also spent hours in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, soothing my heart and my head in the midst of New York’s strong vibes. And once, in Tokyo for a meeting, I found the Shinjuku Gyoen which is a hit of tranquility in a city with very little personal space.

As a company, we support nature - be it wild or groomed. This belief that we are not separate from the natural world is behind everything we do and every decision we make. It guides our #plasticfree policy, our scholarships with the Colorado Outward Bound School, and our choices of ingredients and where we source them.

We believe that being in nature is good for us - for our minds, bodies, and spirits, and that everything we can do to preserve nature we are obligated to do out of love.

To celebrate a week dedicated to gardens, there are some things you can do:

1. Go to the nearest botanical garden and learn about the plants in your area.
2. It’s planting time, so plant something - even if it’s in a pot or a window box. It will be your piece of the outdoors.
3. Make choices with your wallet and buy one of our Plastic-free Bundles. You may find that you want to make sure all your products are recyclable!
4. Support your local community gardens - donate, give plants or compost or time to help make your community greener.


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