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Stewarding the Wild

Stewarding the Wild

World Wildlife Day on March 3rd, every year, is a celebration of the wild side of our planet. We take a day (which is really way too little) to appreciate the diversity of life on Earth, the amazing ways nature manifests itself in all her glory, and our part in stewardship of life on this big blue marble.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, we are losing biodiversity at an alarming rate. That rich variety of life has been in decline since 1970 and loss of those creatures impacts our health and wellbeing, too. This is why we do our part to support and preserve the world in which we live. We are proud members of The Conservation Alliance, which combines the collective power of like-minded organizations furthering efforts to protect North America’s wild species and outdoor spaces.

And, we want to support our local species, introduce them to you, and help build relationships with the ecosystems in which we live. Alpine Provisions’ iconic packaging designs sought to create faces of the brand that would inspire all to pause and connect with the impact the products we produce have on our earth, and all the lifeforms that inhabit it.

Our packaging grew out of a wilderness vision, and was created by artist and poet, Marisa Aragón Ware. The animals on the packaging are the ones who share the property on which our founder lives and they capture the respect and love he has for them.

Owl:  Cedar + Sandalwood - Bar Soap

Stag:  Fir + Sage - Castile Body Wash

Kestrel:  Rosemary + Mint - Lip Balm

Mountain Lion:  Vetiver + Sage - ShampooFox:  Lavender + Juniper - Charcoal Deodorant

Just like self-care is not a one-off, planet care goes on every day, and we are all part of it. So, take a look at the artwork the next time you use an Alpine Provisions product and know that you are supporting biodiversity, wildlife, and the health of your planet as you take good care of yourself.


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