Summertime Essentials

- By: Safia Ohlson

Summertime Essentials

The days are getting longer and Summer is right around the corner! For those of us for whom it means swimming in alpine lakes, sleeping amongst the trees and stars, and having morning coffee by the campfire, it also means getting our Summer gear organized.

Bring everything you need to feel (and smell) great. Here are our Alpine Provisions picks for doing just that:

Travel-sized Castile Body Wash – This versatile essential can also be used for hand-washing undergarments and washing dishes.  Choose from three favorite Alpine scents.

Travel-sized Body.Hair.Shave – The ultimate all-in-one soap, available in our beloved Cedar + Sandalwood blend. 

Hand Sanitizer – Perfect for when soap and water aren’t available!

Body Wipes – Ours are generously sized, made with sustainable Lyocell, skin-loving Aloe, and our customer-favorite Cedar + Sandalwood essential oil blend. You’ll want these on hand when you’re on day two (and more) without a shower, or to clean up after a particularly muddy bike ride.

Plastic-free, Natural Deodorant – Made with non-toxic ingredients such as Activated Charcoal, Magnesium, and aluminum-free Sodium Bicarbonate, and scented with our essential oil blends, our deodorant is the perfect thing to pack for Summer in the great outdoors.

Lip Balm – Plastic-free and scented with our refreshing Rosemary + Mint essential oil blend for hydrated, happy lips, no matter the conditions. 

Don’t forget the natural bug spray, sunscreen, s’mores ingredients, first aid kit, good socks, fresh headlamp batteries, and everything else you need to get off the grid.

See you out there, wild child.