The Pangea Family of Brands 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

- By: Joshua Onysko

The Pangea Family of Brands 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Practical. Thoughtful. Nourishing.
The best gifts are both meaningful and useful. Ideally, they’re also sustainably created and sourced with respect for people, planet, and purity. 2020 has been hard enough without fretting about what to gift people. We’ve got you covered with our roundup of the best gift ideas our Family of Brands has to offer.  These are our go-to heroes that elevate daily life and make getting up each morning a little sweeter.

Here are 10 offerings guaranteed to make your people feel loved, cared for, and seen.

Gift Idea #1: Chasen + Stone Organic Matcha Variety Set 
Who Will Love It:  Tea drinkers; smoothie aficionados; green juice fans; caffeine lovers; millennials who go to cafes; adaptogen dabblers; holistic health devotees; Nipponophiles; someone trying to cut back on or quit coffee.

Why it’s Amazing: Matcha is more than a delicious, antioxidant-rich tea. Within its leaves lives a daily ceremony that celebrates health, relationships, and the choice to live with great heart. While there are many products on the market calling themselves "Matcha," many of them are simply powdered green tea, grown and processed through ordinary practices that cost less and lose much of the tea's nutrient profile. Chasen + Stone Matcha is directly sourced from carefully selected, single estate farmers in Japan who are devoted to quality, and who use only organic farming methods. Each leaf is shade-grown, hand-picked, steam distilled, and ground using traditional stone mills. This time-honored art of cultivating and processing authentic Matcha Tea enhances its nutrient profile, resulting in a beverage that is rich in antioxidants, catechins, and chlorophyll.

Our Chaga is organic and wild-harvested. Chaga is the king of medicinal mushrooms, brimming with cancer-fighting antioxidants and beta-glucans. Traditionally used to stimulate the immune system, balance energy, and reduce inflammation, Chaga is also said to help lower cholesterol, slow the aging process by neutralizing free radicals and offer powerful digestive support for healthy weight management. Together, Matcha + Chaga are an adaptogenic dream team, unsurpassed in their ability to offer clean, high-vibrational energy while also counteracting the effects of stress upon the body. You'll save 25% on both when you purchase this super-duo for $45. 

Gift Idea #2: Pangea Essential Oil Intro Set
Who Will Love It: Your Essential Oil-curious loved-one who doesn’t know where to begin; anyone who loves high-quality, organic Essential Oils; teachers; massage therapists; yoga practitioners; non-toxic beauty and cleaning product devotees.

Why it’s Amazing: Pangea’s Essential Oils are some of the purest, highest quality in the world. This bundle includes seven of our top-selling scents for $79 ($132 value/40% savings). This kit includes: Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang.

Gift Idea #3: Pangea’s Glow Getter Set
Who Will Love It: Literally, any person with a face.

Why it’s Amazing: Who doesn’t want a youthful, clear, and glowing complexion? Our Facial Scrub and Facial Mask are a one-two punch for delivering true Skincare magic. In fact, we are so certain your lucky recipient will adore their skin-transforming powers that when you purchase them together, we'll take 25% off both products.

Gift Idea #4: Pangea’s Body Glow Set
Who Will Love It: Spa goers who feel deprived during the quarantine; people who live in cold, dry climates; someone whose skin you love to touch (and vice-versa).

Why it’s Amazing: Glowing, rose-petal soft skin never goes out of style, and this dream duo delivers on both. Pangea’s Body Polish gently but powerfully removes expired skin cells and improves circulation, while our nourishing, organic Body Oil luxuriously conditions newly revealed skin. The aromatherapeutic blend of Essential Oils uplifts the mind and soothes the heart, resulting in the sense of deep euphoria that comes when you’ve just done something that nurtures body and soul. This $39 set offers 35% off both items when purchased together. 

Gift Idea #5: Pangea’s Hand Care Set
Who Will Love It: We live in a time when hand-washing has never been more important, so, pretty much everyone.

Why it’s Amazing: Featuring three different aromatherapeutic blends to choose from (Pyrenees Lavender & Cardamom; Italian White Sage, Geranium, & Yarrowand Canadian Pine & White Sage), our Hand Soaps are formulated with soothing, hydrating Aloe, organic botanical extracts, and naturally antibacterial Essential Oils. Your gift recipient can follow their satisfying hand-washing experience with Pangea’s Chilean Rosehip, Tamanu, & Red Clover Hand Cream to keep hands looking youthful and feeling supple. Enjoy a 20% savings when you purchase this perfect pair for $28.80. Trust us, they will love you for this one.

Gift Idea #6: Alpine Provisions Plastic-free All-In Bundles
Who Will Love It: Anyone who cares about reducing their single-use plastic consumption; your outdoorsy friends and family who love to connect with nature whenever possible; people who appreciate really great personal care products.

Why it’s Amazing: With six different bundles to choose from, you’ve got options.  The great thing about our Alpine Provisions Plastic-free All-In Bundles is that they do it all: they’re eco-friendly, gender-neutral, made with an all-star lineup of high-quality ingredients, and a percentage of their sales goes toward sending underserved youth on three-week wilderness adventures with Colorado Outward Bound. Each Bundle offers a tidy $8 or $15 discount + free shipping. Bam. You’re a gifting genius.

Gift Idea #7: Alpine Provisions Hand Sanitizers
Who Will Love It: Hand Sanitizers are the second best option when soap and water aren’t available. So, pretty much anyone who leaves their house these days.

Why it’s Amazing: Alpine Provisions Hand Sanitizers use natural, plant-derived alcohol, an ingredient named by the FDA as antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal. These potent Sanitizers promise complete efficacy in killing germs while also softening and conditioning hands, thanks to skin-loving, organic Aloe Vera. Best of all, they'll receive a nature blast since it's scented with our custom Essential Oil blends -- a boost for their mood and health, all in one bottle. We recommend gifting them a Hand Sanitizer Bundle -- they're a stellar deal at $19 (that's a $5 discount), and you'll be seen as a stocking stuffing genius. 

Gift Idea #8: Alpine Provisions Relief Balm
Who Will Love It: Anyone over 30.

Why it’s Amazing: Alpine Provisions Relief Balm is formulated with 50 MG of the highest quality hemp extract available. Boosted by an infusion of complementary, inflammation-taming, circulation-enhancing botanicals such as Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginkgo Biloba, and Ashwagandha, this soothing salve lives up to our exacting standards for purity and effectiveness. Gifting this is like giving a sweet, sweet massage via a pretty glass jar. Buy the duo Bundle for $40 (a $10 discount) and you'll have one to give and one to keep. 

Gift Idea #9: Seed Ranch Flavor Co. Sauces
Who Will Love It: People who love spicy, delicious food; friends and family who cook; vegan and vegetarians who want to spice up their everyday culinary experience. 

Why It's Amazing: Seed Ranch bottles flavors like smoked jalapeno with dates, rich umami, truffles, and lemongrass-packed thai green chili sauces. They are passionate about sourcing their ingredients organically and are committed to creating unique, plant-based, delicious flavors. Their goal is to turn everyday cooks into chefs.

Gift Idea #10: Gift Card
Who Will Love It: Anyone with a pulse.

Why It’s Amazing: Too impersonal? Never. Purchasing an Alpine Provisions or Pangea Gift Card is a gift to yourself, because you know you got them something they’ll love. And it’s a gift to them, because, well, you got them something they’ll really love. We'll never say no to a win/win. 

We hope this list of everyday luxuries makes your shopping easier and your loved ones more joyful. Happy Holidays, everyone.

image credit: @aaronburden