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The Ultimate Multi-tasker

The Ultimate Multi-tasker

Views on multi-tasking run to extremes. Some say it is the only way to survive our modern age, others have declared it as a mark of the downfall of civilization. We say, be selective about your multitasking.

Sending work texts on date night? Hard pass.

An all-in-one soap that smells great and can also be used as a shampoo? Yes, please.

If you haven’t met our Body.Hair.Shave Soap yet, you’re in for a treat. Created to deftly address the multitudes of your cleansing needs (from toe tips to hair tendrils), it offers a silky-smooth shave and leaves your hair shiny and manageable.

You might be wondering how one soap can accomplish so much. Its multitasking intelligence comes, in large part, from our superstar ingredient, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (otherwise known as Aloe Vera), which is suitable for all skin types and helps moisturize and balance skin on both face and body without causing breakouts. It’s also great for cleansing hair, as it won’t weigh it down and will leave it feeling clean and refreshed.

In honor of our multitasking Body.Hair.Shave Soap, here are some of our other favorite ways to multitask:

Listen to a Podcast/Audiobook/Language Lesson While Cooking
Healthy, homemade food takes time and effort. Optimize your time in the kitchen with a good, upbeat listen (no grisly true crime podcasts — you don’t want stress vibes going into your food).  

Take a Walk During Meetings
Back-to-back-to-back meetings? Pick one you’re not running and go for a walk (if you don’t have to be physically present). Studies indicate that we’re more prone to original thought and creativity while we’re walking, and the exercise, fresh air, and sunlight will help you in many other ways too.

Use Self-Care Equipment While Doing Computer Work
At-home massage equipment can be relatively inexpensive and ideal to use when sitting at a chair. Why not give your muscles some love while doing computer work? You could also consider investing in a treadmill desk if you spend long hours on your computer.

Remember, multitasking is like using certain spices: sometimes a little goes a long way, and overdoing it can ruin everything. Pick your soaps, podcasts, and tasks wisely!