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Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger

In honor of Love a Tree Day, here are some tree facts that will definitely make you want to run out and hug one today.

1. One acre of forest absorbs 6 tons of carbon and produces 4 tons of oxygen.

2. An average-sized tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen per year — enough for two people!

3. Some trees can emit airborne signals to other trees to prepare for insect attacks or call other species for backup. An example of this is apple trees, which can attract hungry birds to eat invasive caterpillars.

4. The tradition of knocking on wood for luck comes from ancient Pagan cultures who rapped on tree trunks to summon beneficent spirits living in them.

5. Exposure to trees can reduce blood pressure, mental fatigue, and muscle tension.

6. Neighborhoods with trees experience less crime.

7. Urban heat islands happen when large swaths of asphalt and cement surfaces attract and retain the sun’s heat, artificially boosting temperatures. Trees and green spaces are the only cure.

8. Trees on the west side of your house can block enough of the sun’s heat to save money on your air conditioning bill. Trees are also natural windbreakers, and can help reduce your heating bills in the winter.

If you want to really absorb the benefits of hanging out with trees, check out our post on Forest Bathing. Happy Love a Tree Day!

image credit: Simon Wilkes


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