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Valentine’s Sweet Treats for Your Loves

Valentine’s Sweet Treats for Your Loves
Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to break out of your heart-shaped box of candy mode and try something new. Whoever you give gifts to on the 14th of February we’ve got you covered. And, our gift options send a great message of self-care, human care, and care for our world. It used to be a tradition to give gifts that had a symbolic meaning so we are going to shake that up a little and add a new vocabulary to your day of love and care.

Send the message that kissing is in the air with lip balm. Our Lip Balms say get ready for some soul to soul contact with organic Coconut Oil, nutrients and EFAs, organic Shea Butter, and the peace-of-mind that comes with respect for people, planet, and purity.

Invite your loved one to a shower of devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness. Lavender symbolizes those experiences and our Lavender + Juniper Castile Body Wash will give your beloved a chance to sigh, breathe in, and feel loved.

Hair has always been a symbol of desire, love, strength, and virility. In the old days lovers exchanged a lock of hair. Samson and Delilah showed us how hair is also power. Alpine haircare is made using natural surfactants and moisturizers, creating a luscious lather that doesn’t harm you or the environment. Our signature essential oil aromatherapy blends nourish your scalp and leave your hair smelling like an alpine forest — the natural way.

Honor the work of your beloved’s hands. Hands are one of the most symbolic parts of the body and people associate them with strength, power, and protection as well as generosity, hospitality, and stability. They are also part of creating art, growing plants, and a symbol of making food for your loved ones. Made from a cleansing and nourishing combination of Aloe Leaf Juice and essential oils, our Cedar + Sandalwood-scented Hand Soap is super concentrated to get your hands clean and the Aloe keeps them supple and smooth.

The word “toothsome” means delicious. Teeth can also symbolize identity, rootedness, and even sexual desire. So nothing says “I dig who you are” more than giving someone a way to care for their teeth. Even the tooth fairy, who probably came out of Norse mythology, is a way to tell people, what’s in your mouth has value to me. So do the tooth fairy one better and care for the teeth every single day.

These gifts span the range of folks you could be gifting - and I promise they will go over better than a pair of heart patterned socks. And, all the gifts on the list are under $20, so you will have some cash left over to say other nice things to the people you love later!