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#VanLife Necessity

#VanLife Necessity

Why does hitting the open road feel so good? Our best guess is because it requires us to be completely "in the moment."  No time to worry about the future or fret about the past when we're having an adventure.

Whether you’ve committed fully to living your best #VanLife, or you’re more of a weekend explorer, living in small spaces (like a van or a tent) is both amazing and inconvenient.

On the upside, you can be in nature, unplugged from social media, meeting wonderful, like-minded people. You tend to buy fewer things (save money and leave a lighter carbon footprint!). You go to bed earlier and wake up with the sun (balanced circadian rhythm!) and see all the places you’ve only ever dreamed about.

On the downside, modern-day conveniences aren’t quite so available. (By the way, while we’d definitely choose our own natural Deodorant and generously-sized Body Wipes over the others she mentions, we love this article on Camping Tips for Women.) 

Planning ahead for your next adventure by stocking up on road trip necessities is great motivation to see the world. Here’s what’s amazing about our Body Wipes:

- They are scented by our signature Cedar + Sandalwood essential oil blend. 

- Sustainable Lyocell wipe is gentle on skin.

- Ingredients are naturally-derived.

- Featuring Aloe Vera, which contains over 75 different, skin-loving nutrients and offers plentiful, non-greasy moisture.

- As always, ingredients are sourced with respect for people, planet, and purity.

Go ahead, get out there with no worries about offending all the new friends you make. Happy travels!


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