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Walk the Dog

Walk the Dog

Happy Walking the Dog Day! Combining two of the most happy-making things in life — dogs and exercise — today presents a great excuse to prioritize getting out in nature first thing with your four-legged bestie.

Walking the dog helps create connection — between dogs and their people and people with their neighborhood. Is there any better start to the day than going on a walk with your dog? Cup of coffee in one hand, leash in the other, and the fresh morning air... it’s a set up for amazingness.

Make Today Special for Your Favorite Four-Leggeds
Lace up your shoes and prepare to create some endorphins! For most people who have dogs, every day is Walking the Dog Day. Why not make today even better with some special touches?

Dogs love their treats. Keep some in your pocket for spontaneous snack breaks or reward them when you get home with a special “Eggy Morning” (cook up an egg to share — they’ll freak out).

Switch it Up
We all love variation to our routines, and there’s nothing a dog appreciates more than new scents and terrain. Hit a new or infrequently explored trail today.

Have you considered volunteering at your local animal shelter? Today’s the day to get the ball rolling on that impulse.

Wishing you and your pup the best day ever!

image credit: Torstein Finnbakk


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