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We’ve Reformulated Our Castile Soap + Evolved its Name… You’re Going to Love It!

We’ve Reformulated Our Castile Soap + Evolved its Name…  You’re Going to Love It!
“Don’t mess with a good thing,” – Other People
 “Let’s keep going until it’s perfect,” – Us

We’ve upgraded our Alpine Provisions Castile Soap formula to make it truly worthy of its new name: Castile Body Wash.  Here's why you’ll be stoked we did:

  • Higher Concentration of Essential Oils – Prepare to be irresistible. Your skin is about to receive a deeper, richer infusion of our nature-inspired scents (created with organic Essential Oils, of course!), which means you’re going to smell amazing for longer

  • Thicker, More Luxurious Texture We’ve adjusted the proportions of our organic, skin-loving Oils to create richer, more abundant lather and imbue deeper hydration for an even more satisfying experience 

  • The addition of a NEW SCENT – They say it’s the baby of the family who gets all the good stuff. Perhaps so, because our newest scent is the first to benefit from our new formulation: say hello to Rosemary + Mint (and thank us in the morning)

  • Also, Fir + Sage – Our bestselling formula, Fir + Sage, 16 FL OZ, is available in all its reformulated glory

  • Stay tuned, because the rest of the newly reformulated scents are on their way.

    Here’s what hasn’t changed:

    • - Our commitment to using organic, fairly traded ingredients 
    • - High concentration, which means more uses per bottle and less waste in packaging 
    • - Essential Oil blends that drench your entire being in the scents of nature
    • - Biodegradability (soooo friendly for camping and outdoor showers)
    • - Respect for people, planet, and purity

    We’d love to hear what you think of our new formula (and new scent!).  Drop us a line at