What Does Castile Body Wash Do?

- By: Safia Ohlson

What Does Castile Body Wash Do?

We are here today to tell you everything you need to know about Castile Soap!

For good reason, soap has moved up the list of priorities people are thinking about these days.

At Alpine Provisions, we have always been a little obsessed with soap, and are here to tell you everything you need to know about our favorite kind: Castile. Our Castile Body Wash is loaded with organic ingredients and scented with our own sustainably sourced Essential Oil blends created to calibrate your body with the energy of the great outdoors. 

We named our Castile Soap Alpine Provisions Castile Body Wash, because it is formulated to be extra thick for a super satisfying shower experience. You can use our Castile Body Wash just like you would any Castile Soap (see below for some great out-of-the-box Castile Soap uses), and while you don’t need to dilute it, you will only need to use a little bit because it’s so concentrated.

You probably have some questions. For example, what is Castile Soap? Why are there so many reasons to love it? What is Castile Soap used for? Is Castile Soap Antibacterial? In a world currently defined by its relationship to the vast unknown, we’ve got answers… to your pressing questions about Castile Soap, that is -- and why you need to include this miraculous element to your lineup of wellness tools immediately.

What is Castile Soap?

Pure Castile Soap is a plant-based, multi-use cleanser that is, by its very definition, vegan, non-toxic, and biodegradable. It is typically found in its liquid form but is also available as bar soap.

What is Castile Soap Made Of?

Castile Soap’s origins are Mediterranean (it’s named for the Castile region of Spain), where its key ingredient, olive oil, is abundant. Recent adaptations of pure Castile Soap include oils such as Coconut and Hemp. It’s these nutrient-dense oils that give the soap its highly concentrated, super rich lather and an ability to both moisturize and deep cleanse at the same time. Often Essential Oils are added to Castile Soap, which can augment its inherent health and wellness benefits.

What are the benefits of Castile Soap? Is there a difference between Castile Soap and regular soap? 

Oh my friend. That’s like asking the difference between being quarantined with your current lover, versus your ex. There’s just no comparison. And yes, there are many benefits.

  • - Purity – Regular soaps are traditionally made with animal fats, harsh detergents, synthetic fragrance, and chemicals.  Pure Castile Soap is always vegan, always non-toxic, and always biodegradable
  • Versatility – Castile Liquid Soap has myriad uses, including body wash, shaving, household cleaning, fruit and veggie washing, and laundry, to name a few
  • Cost – High quality, pure Castile Soaps are super concentrated, so you just use a little bit at a time. This makes them a terrific value

Is Castile Soap Antibacterial? How Does Castile Soap Work? 

It’s the question on everyone’s minds these days.

Both the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control say that the #1 BEST way to stay healthy is to wash your hands regularly. When you wash with Castile Soap and water, you remove germs and bacteria, effectively banishing them from your hands, body, or whatever surface the Castile Soap and water touches. When you wash with Castile Soap and water, you escort germs and viruses into oblivion, never to return again. This is why washing our hands is, was, and always will be, the first line of defense against all viruses and bacteria. 

Not all Castile Soaps are created equal. It’s important to use pure Castile Soap made with organic, high-quality ingredients from brands you trust. (Shameless self-promotion: Alpine Provisions’ Castile Body Wash is made from the very best organic, high-quality ingredients available.)

More Pure Castile Soap Uses

  • Clean Your House – A clean home is a healthy home. Combine 1/4 cup of liquid Castile Soap with 1 quart of warm water and place the mixture into a spray bottle. Use a fresh sponge, mop, or rag, and make your home as clean as can be!
  • Gardening – Make a non-toxic, effective insecticide and fungicide for your garden by blending 1 tbsp. of Castile Soap in a quart of water with 1 tsp. of cayenne pepper. Spray plants twice daily, in the cool of the day, until infestation clears
  • Body Scrub -- Make your own body scrub with 1 cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon of pure Castile Soap, 2 tbsp. of Coconut Oil, and a few drops of your favorite Essential Oils. Massage into skin before hopping into the shower
  • Wash Your Dog – Diluted Castile Soap is gentle enough to clean your best four-legged friend. Just be careful to avoid their eyes and ears. We recommend using Lavender + Juniper or Cedar + Sandalwood, as the small amount of Clove Essential Oil content in our Fir + Sage scent is NOT recommended for dogs

We trust this cleared up the whole, “What is Castile Soap good for?” question. Thanks for asking, and please stay safe, wash your hands, and remember that being thankful for all the little miracles, such as really great soap, is the key to emotional wellness right now. We love you.