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What Makes a Good Shampoo - Award Style

What Makes a Good Shampoo - Award Style
Last year, Alpine Provisions Vetiver + Sage Shampoo won a Good Housekeeping Award. We were thrilled to get called out for being excellent. What was better, they recognized us for the very things we care about - so let’s discuss.

First of all, Good Housekeeping pointed out that the shampoo really works. If you’ve ever used hyped hair products that don’t work, you know what a big deal this is. When shampoo clarifies, gets your scalp feeling good, and leaves your hair manageable and smelling great, it’s a coup. It’s like winning all of the races in the triple crown.

Second, they loved our packaging. They pointed out what we know, that it not only does good (we will talk about that in a second) but it is designed with you in mind. The magic words were - “the shampoo dispenses mess-free without being runny until the end of the bottle.” Also not a small thing. I wonder if we did the math, how much shampoo (or toothpaste, or lotion) we waste in a lifetime just because it does not come out of the container at the end. It’s probably astronomical, and someone should study it. So, to say that our packaging and our shampoo consistency work together to reduce waste is a huge compliment. We want you to use, not waste, your products. We want them to clean your hair, not end up in landfill.

And finally, it’s #plasticfree. We don’t want waste from Alpine Provisions products - we want to have a huge impact on your hair and to tread very lightly on the planet. So when you use the aluminum packaging and can recycle it, you are doing a great thing for the world. You are voting NO to buying plastics and you are saying yes to uplifting the industry standard to one that cares for the environment, too.

It’s nice to be recognized for doing well and doing good. We’d do it anyway, you know we would, but nothing feels as good as a nice pat on the back for a job well done. We want to pass that feeling on to you - every time you open your Vetiver + Sage Shampoo, I hope you hear the faint sound of clapping and feel enveloped by the power of a long-distance high five. You are part of the solution and we see you!


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