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"Who Is Your Competition?"

"Who Is Your Competition?"

A Note From Our Founder:

One of the most common questions I’m asked as an entrepreneur is also my least favorite: “Who is your competition?”

The truth is there are only two types of business in the world. The first, and most prevalent, are businesses driven by profit, regardless of how it affects the future of our earth and the people living on it.  The second is one whose sole reason for existing is to make the first type obsolete.

I never wake up in the morning with the intention of creating something that is against something or someone else. I wake up and decide not to let the story of the past dictate my future— and long ago I made a decision to write a story that ensures there actually is a future to which I can look forward.

As often as people ask about my competition, they also ask, “But isn’t your market space so crowded?” I reply, “What is crowded is the earth… with toxic chemicals, plastics, inhumane animal testing practices, and omnipresent pollution. My ‘market space’ is crowded with brands that are, literally, destroying the future, rather than creating meaningful ways for one to exist. I am here to inspire those who share my ‘market space’ to rethink their strategies and join a revolution that is driven by an expansive vision of the earth’s thriving health, rather than sticking with destructive ideas that come from the short-sighted, scarcity-fueled, obsolete tactics of the past.” 

If we’ve learned anything this past year, it’s how we are interconnected. We are bound to one another by our choices and indecisions, our kindnesses and cruelties, our problems and solutions, our weaknesses and resolve, our apathy and our empathy. Never before has it been more apparent how “in this together” we truly are— so let’s do this together and choose a future that is beautiful, regenerative, and robustly healthy for all of us, no competition necessary.

           - Joshua Scott Onysko

image credit: Jess Bailey


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