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Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter skin needs different love than summer skin. The air is less humid, the cold can impact delicate skin, and even inside, our heating can dry things out. But, winter is also gorgeous and we all want to get outside and enjoy the season. Here are some bodycare tips for winter that will have you breaking new trails, getting some powder, and breathing heavily while your skin sighs with relief.

1. Invest in a humidifier for your bedroom. You’re there for a good while - it can help your skin take in moisture.

2. Don’t shower too much. It can dry out your skin. So for those quick post-snowshoe pick me ups use Cedar + Sandalwood Body Wipes in all the crucial areas (avoid the you know where private areas).

3. Deodorant is your friend when it comes to cutting down on the showering. Our natural deodorants keep you smelling great without the use of aluminum. We offer three choices: Charcoal, Magnesium, and a Sodium Bicarbonate deodorant for especially sensitive skin. Activated Charcoal helps absorb moisture and works to detoxify pores - to help you stay odor-free longer.

4. When you do shower, use cooler water and castile body wash that is good for your skin. Made with a rich combination of organic Olive and Coconut oils, our super concentrated, highly effective, yet wonderfully gentle cleanser can be used on both skin and hair.

5. Your lips need protection and moisture. Your lips are more sensitive to the elements and thinner than the other skin on your face. Lock in moisture with Alpine Provisions ultra-hydrating lip balm.

6. And finally, remember sun protection. The reflection off that snow can be as bad as the beach!

Winter is a time to get outside, be awed by the snow diamonds, the smell of pine trees, and to feel invigorated by the cold. Treat your skin to winter care to match your winter fun and you will feel great all season long.