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World Animal Day

World Animal Day

October 4th is World Animal Day. The mission of today is to “raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.”

Every species plays an important role in keeping our ecosystems healthy and thriving. If you’ve seen our packaging, then you know we’ve got a few favorites. Here’s what they contribute to planetary balance:

- Owls play a large role in the balance of the food chain in many forests across the country by keeping the population of their prey in check.

- Stags help create and maintain biodiversity and ecosystem health by creating appropriate levels of disturbance within the plants.

- Kestrels consume crop pests such as grasshoppers, rodents, and European starlings. In studies involving cherry orchards, scientists have found that kestrels significantly reduce the number of birds that eat fruit.

- Foxes help to control populations of their prey animals, such as rodents and rabbits. They also disperse seeds by eating fruit. In some areas where foxes have been killed off, rodents increased so much that farmers brought in other foxes.

Today speaks to our hearts, as our entire purpose is rooted in our love of the outdoors and our desire to protect and restore the balance of nature.

Our mission is to offer young adults scholarships for wilderness adventures through Colorado Outward Bound School. One of the most profound gifts we can give our youth is time spent in the outdoors, learning about the interconnectedness of all life on this planet. Many kids have no access to vast, raw wilderness and the life-shaping perspective that comes from experiencing it firsthand. We believe that when young people get to know and appreciate the beauty of nature, it shapes them to become conscious leaders within their own communities. 1% of our sales go toward this fund. To learn more, go here

Happy World Animal Day! 


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