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A Sustainable Symphony: The Eco-Friendly Choice of Sourcing Wood Essential Oils from the Timber Industry

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In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, it's crucial for businesses to think innovatively about their sourcing practices. At Alpine Provisions, we're proud to be at the forefront of this movement by sourcing many of our wood essential oils as a byproduct of the timber industry. It's not just about producing quality products; it's about making a positive impact on the environment. Here's why we've chosen this eco-friendly path.

The Timber Industry and Essential Oils: A Harmonious Relationship:

The timber industry is no stranger to sustainable practices. Responsible forestry management has become a priority, with many companies ensuring that for every tree cut down, several are replanted. This commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with our values at Alpine Provisions.

Minimizing Waste:

One of the key advantages of sourcing wood essential oils from the timber industry is waste reduction. When trees are harvested for lumber or paper production, various parts of the tree, such as wood chips, bark, and sawdust, are often discarded as waste. By partnering with the timber industry, we can extract essential oils from these byproducts, ensuring that every part of the tree serves a purpose.

Sustainability at Its Core:

Our partnership with the timber industry allows us to promote the use of every part of the tree, minimizing environmental impact and reducing waste. The timber industry's commitment to sustainable forestry practices ensures a constant supply of wood byproducts, supporting the cycle of replenishment and growth.

High-Quality Wood Essential Oils:

Sourcing wood essential oils as byproducts of the timber industry does not mean compromising on quality. In fact, the essential oils we obtain from this process are of the highest quality. The oils extracted from the wood byproducts are rich, aromatic, and true to the essence of the tree, providing you with a premium product that offers all the benefits of natural wood essential oils.

Supporting Sustainability with Every Purchase:

When you choose Alpine Provisions, you're not only selecting products that enhance your well-being but also supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly sourcing approach. Our commitment to using byproducts from the timber industry reflects our dedication to making responsible choices that benefit the planet.


Sourcing wood essential oils from the timber industry is a win-win scenario. It allows us to reduce waste, support sustainable forestry practices, and offer you the highest quality products. At Alpine Provisions, we believe in the power of responsible choices, and our partnership with the timber industry is just one example of how we're working towards a more sustainable future.


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