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Our Scholarship Recipients 2023 Experience

Our Scholarship Recipients 2023 Experience

At Alpine Provisions, we believe in the profound impact that the great outdoors can have on the development of young minds. Our mission has always been deeply rooted in the idea that connecting with nature shapes individuals to become conscious leaders within their communities and with every sale, we donate 1% towards this mission.

In our effort to support this belief, we are excited to share the remarkable stories of two inspiring young adults who embarked on a life-changing journey through the Colorado Outward Bound School's Leadership program last summer.

Tusweca Mendoza and Carlo Garcia, recipients of our scholarships, set out on an adventure that pushed them to their limits, encouraged personal growth, and fostered a deep connection with the natural world. They shared their experiences with us, and it's a privilege to let their own words tell the story of their transformative journey.

Tusweca: "This course was no short of life-changing. I learned so much about myself and what I need to do to grow into the man I wish to become."

Carlo: "Thank you for allowing me to experience this awesome trip I had. My favorite part of this experience was climbing the tallest mountain in Colorado, Mt Elbert."

These words exemplify the kind of transformation that takes place when young adults are given the opportunity to explore the great outdoors, test their limits, and discover the leader within themselves. Both Tusweca and Carlo had a chance to make new connections, not only with their fellow classmates but also with the natural world. Their experiences ranged from the exhilarating challenges of rock climbing to the profound peace of backpacking in pristine wilderness.

Tusweca and Carlo's journey through the Colorado Outward Bound School program was about more than just adventure. It was an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. They learned to trust themselves, be leaders, and work effectively within a team. These experiences are invaluable, and the lessons they take with them will undoubtedly serve them well throughout their lives.

To learn more about applying for our COBS scholarship. We are excited to continue empowering young adults to embark on transformative adventures and become the conscious leaders of tomorrow.


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