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Celebrating Love, Every Day

Celebrating Love, Every Day

There has been a big kerfuffle in the news these last weeks about brands going wishy-washy on love during Pride Month. We stand firm - we love love, we love people who show love, fight for love, embody love, are love heroes and heroines, and who make love a guiding principle in their world. We take our values - those of love and care - everywhere we go and they inform everything we do.

Someone wise once said that there are two basic emotions, love and fear, and where one is present the other cannot be. So, we choose love over fear. Our founder, Joshua Onysko wrote the following about fear and Pride Month said this: “Anytime we feel a hardening in our heart against another this feeling is born of fear. From our very first breaths we start to cultivate ideologies about how the world needs to be to feel safe and when we look at the world and something is out of place our instinct is to fight against it because inevitably we all long to feel safe. Whenever I feel a hardening in my heart I try to pause and bring a little patience into my state of being because with patience I can give myself time to feel a softening. This softening allows me to cultivate a fearlessness that is both brave and compassionate. With patience comes kindness and we can start a revolution in our hearts and not only allow but celebrate all beings having their own human experience.”

This Pride Month there is so much to celebrate. We know we will be celebrating and those of us who are queer identified are really happy to get to celebrate with our Alpine Provisions and Pangea family who have our backs. Hopefully you get to go to a party, share a parade, do some volunteering, read a book or an article on the history of Pride, show some love for your neighbors, sign a petition, go to a dance, find your people, and be the voice of love in your community. And we are celebrating Pride Month at Alpine Provisions and Pangea because we celebrate Love.


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