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Like the Water

Like the Water

That Wendall Berry poem comes to mind every time stewarding the rivers and the streams becomes a topic of conversation. This is National Rivers Month, which means I may end up learning the poem by heart before it is over, and that would be a great thing.

Our planet is about 71% water, and our bodies are mostly water too, in varying percentages from 45-60%. In fact, as great quotes about water go, the writer and environmentalist Lynn Margolis once said to an audience that we are bags of mostly water trying to stay warm together to survive. So we are the water.

All this is to say we care. Deeply. “Like the water of a deep stream.” We care about the impact our work has on the Earth and on each other and we act out that care through all of the ways in which we source ingredients, our #plasticfree packaging, our commitment to partner with other stewardship organizations, and our commitment to getting folks out into the wild and into the “commonwealth of it’s joy.”

So join us this National Rivers Month and maybe read that poem aloud to someone quietly - over the phone, in the dark, as a whisper or a prayer. Take some time to put your toes into the water. And please, make choices that support 71% of our planet so it is here for us and we can continue to return to its rich waters.


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