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Thank You for Choosing Love

Thank You for Choosing Love

Today is International Animal Rights Day, and it is also International Human Rights Day. This combo makes perfect sense to us as animals are sentient beings with spirits and consciousness that we love, and they should never be used or abused to create beauty products for humans. As part of the most impactful species on earth, we believe that it is our job to protect this planet and all of the beings with whom we share it.

A little history here, ours and the world’s. Animal RIghts Day came out of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1998, an official statement was passed for Animal Rights and International Animal Rights Day was created to protect animals. The founders of this day want us to remember that animals can’t advocate for themselves so it is our responsibility to get in there and do it for them. We vote, they don’t. We make the laws. We buy the products. We can be the change.

So about us. Alpine Provisions products are created with the world’s finest, sustainably-sourced ingredients, and are scented with the finest saps, oils, and flowers the mountains have to offer. They are designed to elicit your own, joyful connection to nature, even if the jungle you’re navigating that day happens to be made of concrete. The world becomes a better place the moment we choose to make it so for us and for the animals and the planet we love.

Join us on this day when we celebrate humans and animals and support human care, animal care, and world care. And so you know we walk our talk, we are aligned with the Leaping Bunny, and make sure our standards of cruelty-free products meet their standards. We know it is possible to create products that bring delight, care, and beauty to humans while leaving animals and the planet in peace.


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