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The Alpine Plunge

The Alpine Plunge
When you think of the word Alpine, what comes to mind? Skiing? Hiking? Do you think about the flowering spring or the butterflies who enjoy those mountain meadows? Or maybe you picture mountain goats, sheep, and elk glimpsed across a valley as they cavort on a mountainside. You’d be right on all counts. The Alpine biome (yes that’s a thing) contains a miraculous and very resilient kind of nature. Alpine biomes, which are found across the world in places like the Rocky Mountains, the Alps, and the Andes, are found between 10,000 and 13,000 feet (about 3,000 meters). In an Alpine biome, you find the place the snow line of a mountain begins. These beautiful regions cover about 16% of the earth’s surface. You can explore more about the Alpine biome here.

When you visit the beauty of the Alpine Biome here in the Rocky Mountains, you ascend through pine forests, filled with the scent of the trees, the soil, and the particular feel of the thin air. When you get to the snow line, the mountain clears out a little and your view is unimpeded across space. You can breathe deep and the air is always a little chilly and invigorating. Your lungs sting a bit, but the air has a taste to it of the wild. Getting that high in the mountains is like a plunge into nature. You can’t do it halfway. You’ve climbed, skied, or somehow worked hard to get there. You’re committed. You’ve already gone big or you wouldn’t be there.

In our Alpine world, we take that plunge into nature every day. Our bestselling Cedar and Sandalwood scent is an easy way to upgrade your self-care every day with bodycare, hair care, and deodorant essentials.

We also love the animals who live in the high mountains, and we honor them in our #plasticfree packaging. We also pay homage to the spirit of adventure that brings people up high and makes them fall in love with the Alpine world by donating to scholarships through the Colorado Outward Bound School. Come and join us in this world of raw beauty - for a bath, a post hike cleanse, or as a way of life. Our Alpine world is ready for you to take the plunge.


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